EXO’s Kai Joins Drama By The Team Which Created “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”


EXO’s Kai has confirmed his appearance in the upcoming KBS 2TV fantasy melodrama “Miracle That We Met.”

On February 26, “Miracle That We Met” confirmed that the idol is set to join the cast, he is starring alongside Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Ra Mi Ran, and Go Chang Suk.

“Miracle That We Met” is a fantasy drama story of a man who dies and his soul is transferred into another man who also shares the same name and age but nothing else.

Kai is taking on the role Ato, the energetic messenger whose mistake turns the lives of the drama characters. He sets on a quest to attempt to set things right again.

This is EXO’s Kai second Korean drama role following his first leading role in the 2017 high school drama “Andante.” He also only recently made his debut as an actor in Japan in “Spring Has Come.”

The drama is gained a lot of attention for being the second collaboration between writer Baek Mi Kyung and PD Lee Hyung Min, the two have previously worked on the hit JTBC drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

“Miracle That We Met” will air its first episode after “Radio Romance” wraps up.

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My Thoughts

I have done a review of Kai’s first kdrama “Andante,” if you’ve read it, you probably already know that I didn’t find the drama anything special, neither his acting.

I was not happy that he scored a lead role so suddenly out of nowhere when he has zero acting experience. Its always been a sore spot for me, actors fight so hard for roles that Kpop idols get simply because they’re from a popular group and a huge agency.

It was only a weekend drama that didn’t attract much attention. But now that he’s being coupled with some very big name in the acting community, he’s taking the back-step that he should’ve started with.

I always use EXO’s Kyungsoo as the example all aspiring idol actors should follow. Just because you get this huge leading offer, doesn’t always mean you should take it.

Kyungsoo started with minor roles, very minor back when Exo’s fame was hitting new heights. He never took a lead role as his first role and did supporting roles for a time before he took on a leading role.

He learned from everyone around him first! Take notes idols!


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