EXO’s D.O, Nam Ji Hyun, Jo Sung Ha And Kim Seon Ho To Lead Upcoming MBC Historical Drama


Finally, the cast of the upcoming MBC historical drama “Dear Husband of 100 Days” has confirmed its main cast.

On March 21, tvN confirmed that actors EXO’s D.O, Nam Ji Hyun, Jo Sung Ha, Kim Seon Ho, and Han So Hee will be the mian cast of the upcoming drama.

It was also revealed that the drama first script reading already took place on March 21st, the main cast gathered for the first time for a first read-through.

“Dear Husband of 100 Days” tells the story of what happens when a crown prince goes missing for 100 days, it’s a mystery romance historical drama that is also comical.

“Dear Husband of 100 Days” will be begin filming in April but will air during the second half of 2018 as it will be entirely pre-produced.

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My Thoughts

WOW! an amazing cast. This is ori Kyungsoo first leading drama role since he began acting back in 2013 or 2014 I guess.

I am excited but also a bit annoyed that it is historical, I don’t like historical dramas, but it plans on being a fun lighthearted one so it will probably be different from the heavy melodramatic ones we’re usually used to.

Kyungsoo is an amazing actor in my opinion, Ji Hyun is also very talented and I love the rising star Kim Seon Ho, I fell in love with him while watching KBS’s “Delivery Man.”

Jo Sung Ha is also excellent, they got a very well-rounded cast. This is going to be interesting.

Are you guys excited as well?


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