The cast for the upcoming MBC drama “Come Here And Give Me A Hug” has bee confirmed.

Chang Ki Yong, Heo Joon Ho and Jin Ki Joo will lead the highly anticipated upcoming drama. The drama first attracted attention after the script was initially offered for Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk, the two turned down offers to lead the upcoming drama, which made fans even more curious to see who will end up playing the lead roles.

“Come Here And Give Me A Hug” is about a romance that develops between two people who have been hurt by murders that occurred in the past. It’s a drama that will focus on healing and hope.

Heo Joon Ho is taking on the role of the serial killer and he is going to be a lead figure that links both characters.

Chang Ki Yong is taking on the role of a police officer named Chae Do Jin, while Jin Ki Joo is playing the role of the actress who lost both her parents at a young age, she tries to live her life happily despite her painful past.

The upcoming drama will air after “Let’s Hold Hands Tightly And Watch The Sunset,” it will air its first episode in May.

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