BTS Nominated For TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2018


The boys of BTS have been nominated for another huge honor; they have been nominated for TIME 100 Most Influential People.

This is a custom poll that gets attraction each year, every year the huge newspaper honors the most influential people in various fields such as politics, entertainment, etc.

Kpop group BTS is one of the nominees for the TIME 100 list, they are nominated against other huge figures such as Beyonce, U.S. President Donald Trump, South Korean President Moon Jae In, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and many many others.

The voting began in March 28 and will end on April 12. The winners will be announced on April 19.

You can vote for BTS here, they’re currently leading the poll.

My thoughts

WOW! Another huge milestone for the boys, I think its only natural that they’d be nominated for this list this year, they generated so much buzz during 2017, their Billboard win, their huge concert tour and most recently their YouTube Red series, the US is taking note of the huge Kpop group.

Vote for the boys, I am almost positive that they will win the poll and enter the list.


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