BTS Fandom Trends #DNA300M In Celebration Of BTS’s First 300 Million Video On YouTube

We have army to thank, again, for yet another huge milestone for BTS and the Kpop community in general!

BTS’s mega hit track “DNA” has become the fastest Kpop group MV to ever reach the 300 million views on YouTube. Its also the first BTS video to have reached this huge milestone.

As the hit title track of “Love Yourself: Her,” “DNA” took over the world by storm, it destroyed and set new records, it entered the Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. The MV won various awards at many prestigious Music awards events.

To this day, “DNA” holds the record for the highest viewed Kpop group MV in 24 hours, it has also become the fastest Kpop group MV to reach the 300 milion.

The new record is set in an astonishing 5 months and 16 days. To this day, there are only two other Kpop groups with a Music Video in the 300 million range, TWICE and BIGBANG.

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