[BREAKING] 100% Minwoo Passes Away


The leader of the kpop group 100% was revealed to have suddenly passed away, TOP Media confirmed with an official statement on March 25.

Here is their translated statement below:

“Hello, This is TOP Media.

We are sorry to hear and deliver the sudden heartbreaking news.

On March 25th, our artist, 100% member Seo Min Woo, left our side.

The deceased was found without a pulse in his home in Gangnam, Seoul. 119 paramedics were dispatched, but he was declared dead.

100% members, including the bereaved family, TOP Media fellow entertainers and all employees are mourning the deceased.

Minwoo, the eldest of his team, led the members well, and had a lot of friends, he also really loved the members and fans with all his heart.

Everyone who knows Minwoo is more devastated by the news because they know of his tender heart and sincerity.

The funeral will be held quietly according to his family wishes.

We express our deepest condolences on the final path of the deceased.”

We offer our sincerest condolences to Minwoo family and friends, he will always be remembered, may his soul rest in peace!

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