BIGBANG’s Daesung Confirms Enlistment Date


The 4th member of BIGBANG is enlisting in the military sooner than expected, way sooner than expected.

On March 5, Daesung confirmed that he will be enlisting on March 13, only a day after Taeyang enlists in the military.

Daesung has expressed his desire to enlist the same time as the other BIGBANG members, it was revealed that he voluntary applied for enlistment last year.

He had a successful busy 2017, he released a solo album and toured a total of 18 cities in Japan as well as holding a tour with his BIGBANG members.

Gdragon has enlisted back on February 27, and with Taeyang and Daesung very proximate enlistment date, the BIGBANG memebrs will be reunited sooner than expected.

Seungri was revealed to have also wanted to enlist around the same time as his group members, a YG Entertainment source told news outlets. But due to his current commitment to his upcoming Chinese movie “Love Only,” which is set to be released on March 2 and his solo comeback, he will be busy for now.

The youngest member who was born in 1990, will also likely voluntarily enlist after he concludes his activities, YG Entertainment source concluded.

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My Thoughts


What is going on? :O not another oppa!

I mean, I gotta love the fact that they actually followed through with their promise to reunite very soon.

I expected that Seungri will join the military some time in mid-2018. This means that they will all be reunited by 2020, wayyyy sooner than I had expected, I love their bond and their commitment to get back on stage sooner than later.

You will be missed Daesung!


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