TVXQ Renew Their Contract With SM Entertainment, Revealed To Be Preparing For A Comeback In March


The OJ group of SM Entertainment TVXQ, has renewed their contract with their agency.

On February 6th, TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin) were confirmed to have renewed their contract before the original one ended.

After their hiatus and discharge of the military, both members sat down with SM Entertainment and decided to quickly renew their contracts, affirming their belief, deep trust and affection towards their agency SM Entertainment.

As a result, TVXQ is expected to achieve greater results as the representatives of Kpop with the help and investment of SM Entertainment with more stable and long-term plans for future domestic and overseas activities.

TVXQ is preparing a new album aiming for a comeback in March.

source: (A)

My Thoughts

I kinda saw that one coming! Of course, they’ll renew.

I have to applaud their dedication and patience, they went through hell with SM Entertainment. Three of the group’s original members left and formed their own group, a lot has happened during the past 14 years.

I hope that SM Entertainment is treating them well! Fighting TVXQ!


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