All The Teaser Stills You Need To See Ahead Of The Highly Anticipated Episodes Of “Hwayugi”

Last week episode 16 of “Hwayugi” left us with another cliffhanger that has been on our mind ever since, it has been yet another difficult week for all of us fans of the tvN fantasy romance drama.

As usual, tvN has released a couple of teaser stills ahead of it 17th episode broadcast, the newly released teaser stills showcase two different pairs. The romantic couple Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo and the devilish couple Song Jong Ho and Lee Se Young.

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The evil pair of Song Jong Ho and Lee Se Young appear to be plotting something suspicious and dangerous together in the newly released tvN teaser stills.

The two characters professor Kang Dae Sung and Ah Sa Nyeo have teamed up together in the previous episodes, Ah Sa Nyeo who used to be under a 1000-year-old seal has broken free and after her failed attempts to wed Song Oh Gong she turns her head towards the handsome dangerous professor who is think of running for South Korea’s presidency.

She revealed her powers to him and despite his shock he was intrigued by what she could do. She promised him she could do a lot more and expressed her desire to crown a king again.

In the newly released stills of the drama, they’re both seen walking around together meeting in secret. Ah Sa Nyeo appears to be discussing something of his interest, she has a sly smile on her face and is boasting with confidence, while the professor appears to be smirking.

In another still, the professor is angry and looks slightly taken back by something that’s facing him.

In our beloved couple newly released stills, they both appear to be devastated about their ill-fated-relationship.

Son Oh Gong has found out that he needs to kill Jin Sun Mi in the previous episode, as expected, he chose to reject his fate and announced that he would fight that ill fate and try his best to save the love of his life even if it meant endangering his own in the process.

In episode 18 teaser stills, Jin Seon Mi have called Son Oh Gong to a street bar. She appears drunk and ready to release all of her emotions and talk about their ill-fated relationship.

Son Oh Gong appears to be bleak, he sits in silence looking at her while she talks about whats bothering her. He is seen attentively listening and appears to be bothered and sad by what she said.

“Hwayugi” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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