MBC Releases First Stills Of Kim Min Jae And Moon Ga Young For “Great Seducer”

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MBC continues to tease fans of its main cast stills. Recently, they released the first stills of Kim Min Jae and Moon Ga Young on the set of the drama “Love Game.”

“Love Game” is a seductive romance drama that tells the story of a man (Woo Do Hwan) and a woman (Joy) in their twenties who get involved in a serious love game, not knowing that they might be endangering their entire lives.

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Moon Ga Young will play the role of Choi Soo Ji, a role model to women in their twenties, she plays a role in suggesting that Woo Do Hwan’s character attempts to tempt Red Velvet Joy’s character.

She is a beauty and has a unique stylish sense and draws attention to herself with her quirky fashionable choice of wardrobe. The first released stills showcases her unique fashion style, it also shows people around her reacting to her beauty.


Kim Min Jae will play the role of Lee Se Joo, a third-generation chaebol who loves to have fun and cares about nothing but that, he is friends with Choi Soo Ji and Woo Do Hwan’s character Kwon Shi Hyun.

He is the one who sets the mood for the trio and is known for his cunning yet charming smile. The newly released stills show the contrast between his day and night characters. He is always seen hanging around beautiful women and having fun.


“Love Game” will air its first episode on March 12.

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