Various online reports have been claiming that actor Lee Seung Gi will be appearing in the upcoming drama “Vagabond.”

On February 21, his agency stepped up to clear the rumors and released an official statement confirming that he did receive a casting offer for the drama before his appearance in “Hwayugi,” but he was unable to take a look at the project due to his packed schedule.

The drama has been gaining lots of press because of its huge production budget which amounts to 20 billion won (approx. $18.6 million), the drama will be directed by PD Yoo In Shik whose previous works include “Mrs. Cop,” “Mrs. Cop 2,” “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim,” and has even previously worked with Lee Seung Gi in 2014’s “You’re all Surrounded.”

It will be written by screenwriter Jung Kyung Soon who’s previous works include “Empress Ki,” and “Giant.”

The drama is in talks to air on SBS but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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