Lee Joon Gi fans can rejoice, the actor has picked his 2018 comeback project.

After having been confirmed to be reviewing the offer to lead the upcoming tvN court drama positively, Lee Joon Gi confirmed he is taking on the lead role today.

On February 27, an official source confirmed that he is taking on the lead role. He will play the role of Bong Sang Pil, a former gang member who becomes a lawyer, he treats law books as compliance manual and prefers solving problems using his fists.

“Lawless Lawyer” is the story of Bong Sang Pil going against power in court of law of avenge his mother. It’s a legal action thriller that follows a fan who wants to get revenge and the growth he goes through when seeking justice.

“Lawless Lawyer” will be written by Yoon Hyun Ho, who’s previously works includes “Remember,” and will be directed by PD Kim Jin Min, who has previously worked on dramas such as “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Marriage Contract.”

“Lawless Lawyer” will air in May following “Live,” the follow up drama to tvN’s “Hwayugi.”

Actress Seo Ye Ji is currently reviewing an offer to appear in the drama as well.

Stay tuned for updates.


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