IU Is A Gloomy Cold Character In New Stills Of Upcoming tvN drama “My Ahjussi”

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Upcoming tvN drama “My Ahjussi” has released their first stills of the main lead IU and they’re pretty insightful. 

“My Ahjussi” tells the story of a woman and three middle age men who meet and help each other heal from their past wounds and scars.

IU will be taking on the role of the gloomy dark cynical Lee Ji An who has lived a tough life and had seen a lot but continues to fight and stand tall.

In the newly released stills, fans can finally draw a clear picture of her character. She is wearing dark clothes, looking pale, she appears to be a tough character that has zero fucks (sorry) to give.


“My Ahjussi” will air its first episode on March 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

My Thoughts

I like that IU is always trying to challenge herself. She is playing a different character, a character who has been beaten down and mistreated.

I don’t follow her projects as a singer but I am a fan of her progress as an actress, she has improved so much since her debut back in the days.

I am excited, I want to see how well will she pull it off, I am not excited about the person she’ll be coupled with but I need to hold back and wait for the drama to air to either confirm my suspicions or apologize for ever doubting their chemistry!

Who’s excited about IU’s comeback drama?

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