iKON Aren’t Even Allowed To Speak To Blackpink?


iKON’s Bobby has shocked both viewers and the panel of the popular MBC variety show alike with his appearance on February 21st episode.

iKON Bobby was one of the guests of February 21st episode. The idol sat down and faced the panel, he talked about a variety of topics and even addressed YG’s infamous dating ban.

The dating ban is still not lifted for the members of iKON according to Bobby. YG still has a tight grip on the idols and is being protective of them. Bobby even revealed a shocking detail that made fans smh.

While talking about the dating ban and dating in general, he said,

“We can’t even see Blackpink right now. They wouldn’t even let us say hi to each other.”

He then added,

“During my training days, I would try to get with pretty ladies when I saw them but now I just think to myself, ‘they’re beautiful,’ and then give up.”

Fans were both shocked and taken back by Bobby’s statements. What do you think of this? Do you think its okay to do this or that it’s a bit too much?

Here is the link to the full episode.

My Reaction

Wow! Just wow!

I mean if this was a parent that’s doing this to their child people would be up in arms. Even if the child agrees, what is this?

YG is on another level. I don’t know whether I should be clapping or not! My first thought while watching the episode was, ‘These poor kids! May God be with them!’

I get that YG has had a couple of bad accidents with its idols and probably had to cover up many others that we will never know of, but forcing idols not to say hi to each other is a tad too much.

I get it that people might start rumors and it could spiral out of control.

Not dating and having to just look at things and being monitored all the time, not enjoying your freedom in your twenties is a hefty price to pay to become an idol. And when it comes down to the core of it, I don’t want the idol life to anyone I care about.

PS. the episode is epic, you gotta watch it!


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