f(x)’s Krystal sat down for an interview recently and talked about her sister whom she picked as her mentor.

f(x)’s Krystal made her debut in 2009 girl group f(x) following the footsteps of her elder sister who had been a member of the popular girl group Girls Generation at the time.

She confessed that she turns a lot to her sister Jessica whenever she’s in trouble or stressed

“I depend on my sister a lot. She is not only a family member, but in the same line or work, this makes me depend on her even more. My sister walked the road first as a senior in the entertainment industry and advised me on a lot of things.

We share our concerns with each other and talk about things we wouldn’t be able to tell other people.”

When she was asked if she thought she was the prettier sister, she humbly replied that she doesn’t think that she’s pretty. She also added,

“My sister and I really have different images. I envy her because the feminine style suits well.”

Krystal has recently concluded the popular tvN drama “Prison Life.”

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