Fans Cannot Stop Thinking About Hwayugi’s Upcoming Episode And Those Teaser Stills Are To Blame


tvN’s “Hwayugi” is a sensation both in its country and overseas. Throughout the course of its run it attracted attention of international avid Kdrama fans.

Since then fans have been waiting patiently for each Saturday and Sunday, often being tortured by waiting so long for subtitles to be out.

In the most recent episodes of the popular buzzworthy drama, Ah Sa Nyeo (played by Lee Se Young) tricks Jin Seon Mi and forces her to exchange their souls, Jin Seon Mi is forced to agree to the eternal lockdown because she wants to protect her soon-to-be husband Son Oh Gong.

Following the dramatic last scene of episode 14, fans have been raving about the episode and also discussing all sort of possibilities of what could happen next.

Some fans being a bit too optimistic about Jin Seon Mi’s return and others pessimistic about the future. tvN has released many stills and instead of quenching fans thirst it made it worse.

In the first set of teasers, Jin Seon Mi can be seen making a dramatic change in character, posture, and outfits choice. Jin Seon Mi usually dressed in all black, in the most recently released stills, Jin Seon Mi is a very different character.

She makes a 180-degree transformation into a different person, she dressed in bright colors, has a seductive look on her face, and wears red lipstick.

She is no longer shy but rather forces herself onto Son Oh Gong and flirts with him, much like Ah Sa Nyeo used to do.

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Fans are aware that Son oh Gong knows she is not his bride and that Ah Sa Nyeo exchanged souls with her. tvN then followed with a preview for episode 15, fan notice that Son Oh Gong is scared, lonely and afraid of losing his pride for eternity.

He goes to the source of trouble and confronts his longtime friend General Dong, asking him to hand him the jar so he can find and save his bride.

To make matters worse for fans, tvN then released another set of new never-seen-before photos of the upcoming 15th episode, fans went wild.

In the newly released teaser stills, Jin Seon Mi possessed by Ah Sa Nyeo is in a bed with Son oh Gong.

Jin Seon Mi is on the top of Son oh Gong in close enough distance to kiss him, she has her hands on his chest ready to unbutton his shirt. Son oh Gong eyes are fixed on his lover as he jumps on the top of her.

Following those new stills released fans couldn’t help but scream and fangirl so hard. tvN is making the waiting game very difficult on us fans.

We can’t wait to tune in to the upcoming episode. Episode 15 of “Hwayugi” airs on February 17 at 9 p.m. KST.

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