Actress Kim Ji Won Says She Keeps Up With “The Heirs” Cast, Talks About Her Ideal Type And More


Actress Kim Ji Won recently sat down for an interview to talk about her upcoming historical movie “Detective K: Secret of the Bloodsucking Demon” on Naver’s V Live talk show “Actor & Chatter.”

The actress sat down for an hour and 20 minutes long interview with the MC. She played finger game with the MC and then answered other actors submitted questions, chatted about her aspirations, life, worries and much more.

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One of the questions she answered was submitted by fellow actress Shim Eun Kyung, who asked about how she gets inspiration for her character, Kim Ji Won answered,

“I get a lot of inspiration from dramas and films I watch before I film. I like staying home and watching dramas and movies, and have a lot of time to think.”

Veteran actor Ryu Seung Ryong asked what career would she have taken on if she wasn’t an actress, to which she revealed that she would’ve become a kindergarten teacher, she added that she loved kids and loved spending time and receiving good energy from them.

She also revealed that she actually still keeps in touch with the star-studded team of the popular kdrama “The Heirs,” which aired back in 2013. She revealed that she still keeps in touch with Park Shin Hye the most.

She also shared her worries and talked about her nickname “worry doll,” she worries a lot about her roles and is also afraid of criticism, the MC assured her that its those who are meticulous are those who achieve success because they’re always following up and concentrating on their craft.

She was also asked about her ideal type, in a previous episode of the variety show “Night Goblin,” she chose her fellow movie co-star Kim Myung Min as her ideal type during an ideal type contest, but in this interview, she actually revealed that she doesn’t have a particular ideal type and added,

“I like someone who is warm and considerate towards others.”

Kim Ji Won first historical movie role “Detective K: Secret of the Bloodsucking Demon” will premiere in theaters in Korea on February 8.

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