Actor Jo Jae Hyun Admits To Sexual Harassment Allegations And Exits “Cross”


Following the allegations against the actor came to light a couple of days ago.

On February 24, he released an official statement admitting to the allegations, here is his full translated statement,

“This is Jo Jae Hyun.

The first rumor about me was that he was a theater actor it said, ‘I had to sit on his lap and kiss forcibly’. Back then, there were differences from the facts that I wanted to explain because the statements were different from the truth.

However, I have come across another interview that raised other suspicions. I was also embarrassed and it was hard to find memories from such a short interview.

Then, I had a terrible mindset, it seemed to me that this was a slander. In addition, there are some speculative articles with different facts, a part of me hoped it would come to an end.

I spent a lot of time thinking rather than self-reflecting. I am a monster and I feel disgusted by myself, trying to avoid the consequences of my dumb thoughts.

I have lived wrong. I have been acting for almost 30 years and have made mistakes and sinful words and actions to my colleagues, staff, and juniors.

I am a sinner.

I bow my head in apology for the victim.

I’ll put everything down now.

I will not think of myself anymore.

I will not evade it.

I’ll put everything down.

From now on I will spend time looking back at my life with a remorseful heart towards the victims.

I am really ashamed of myself and sorry.”

Following his statement, the production staff of his current drama tvN “Cross” also issued a statement confirming that the actor is leaving the show and that they’ll edit him out of the drama as soon as possible.

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My Thoughts

I don’t where to begin, and whom to direct my anger right now, the fans who are hella worried about Cross or the fans who defend him or him.

I have no respect for someone who does that to women and I have no respect for any woman who defends such actions. I have seen a comment by a kdrama fan who called his statement ‘brave.’ I literally wanted to bang my head across the wall.

Whats brave about admitting to sexually harassing someone? I can’t fathom the stupidity of such an ignorant kdrama fans who defend the actor and worry about his god damn drama character.

We can argue that it’ll be very hard for him to pursue an acting career in the future. He just ruined everything for himself and hurt those involved in the drama Cross. So disrespectful, such a monster. He is a monster for doing this to a girl, for hurting her like this.

I am happy she came forward. We need cleansing y’all. I hope more and more victims of sexual harassment come forward and end the careers of every actor, director, writer, PD and any personality who thinks they got away with it.

I want those sexual harassers to fear and tremble whenever a post about a popular actor/figure accused of sexual harassment is published. I want them to live in fear and agony just like they made those women feel all those years.

He will pay for it with his career. My heart goes out to the victim, I thank her for her bravery. She is the brave one here.

I also pray for his little daughter, actress Cho Hye Jung. I just hope that netizens know it isn’t her fault that her dad is a monster. I just hope that they won’t also work hard to ruin her career.

Just because a parent dose something utterly ridiculous and wrong doesn’t mean their child must bear the consequences along with them as well. I saw that she has deactivated comments from her Instagram account. I hope she’s doing well.


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