5 of 2PM Members Revealed To Have Renewed Their Contracts With JYP Entertainment

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Great news to all 2PM fans! Five of the boys have resigned with JYP Entertainment for the second time.

They had first resigned back in 2015 a three-year contact. Their contracts expired in January 2018. Wooyoung has revealed that he resigned with his label in an interview earlier this month.

The group has resigned for the second time, on January 31, JYP announced that Jun.K, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung have only recently resigned their contracts with the agency.

JYP commented,

“The members agree that 2PM will be together forever. After Taecyeon enlisted last year, the rest of the members will slowly follow. They promised that once they conclude their mandatory military service they will reunite and promote as a whole group once again.”

Taecyeon hasn’t been able to discuss his contact renewal as he’s currently serving in the military.

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My Reaction

I am actually pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect them to renew.

I have previously spoke about this when Wooyoung was promoting and he spoke about renewing his contract, for a minute I thought that some of the members won’t be renewing, but I am glad they stuck with JYP.

They’re still the biggest revenue source for JYP. While TWICE and GOT7 are still making efforts to establish a solid career, their sunbaes have already been through that and already established that.

This is great news!

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