2PM Chansung Is Leading Upcoming Web Drama


2PM Chansung will starr in an upcoming web drama titled “Romance Written Differently.”

On February 23, reports confirmed that the actor-idol will lead the upcoming web drama that tells the story of a man and a woman who both have different experiences of love.

The drama will be split into man’s and woman’s point of view to show how the same experience is remembered differently from the man and the woman perspective.

2PM Chansung will transform into a kind veterinarian. This is his first project of 2018, he last played the role of Seo No in “Queen For Seven Days.”

The drama will air on February 28 on ole tv mobile.

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My Thoughts

I have seen 2PM Chansung before in “Suspicious Partner” last year. He was good. I wonder how well he’ll do in this drama.

The idea behind it is actually really interesting and it can be easily made into a channel drama rather than a web drama.

Are you excited about the upcoming web drama?


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