The newly released KBS drama “Radio Romance” has captured international fans hearts with its relatable and entertaining plot that’ll have you tearing up, laughing and screaming at the screen at times.

The cast behind “Radio Romance” is hella good, fans have been excited about the KBS drama ever since they heard that it was going to be Kim So Hyun’s comeback drama since her hit historical 2017 drama alongside Yoo Seung Ho.

But there is more than what meets the eye and there is more to the lovely talented cast of the promising drama.

So today, at we’ll be taking a look at some very interesting shocking facts you need to know of the drama’s cast.

10Kim So Hyun and Yoon Doo Joon are 10 years apart

9Kim So Hyun has an independent label dedicated for her

8Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho named each other as their ideal type

7Yoon Doo Joon has a gentle generous heart

6Kwak Dong Yeon has been avoiding variety shows because of Kim So Hyun?

5Yoon Park was a part of two huge entertainment agencies

4Yura was once an advocate for birth control pills

3Girl’s Day Yura was involved in a lawsuit

2Ha Joon is not the actor’s real name

1Oh Hyun Kyung was once Miss Korea


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