How Well Did “I Am Not A Robot” And “Black Knight” Do In This Week’s Ratings?

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The Wednesday-Thursday drama race was heated this week but in the end, it was KBS’s “Black Knight” who rated the highest among its contenders.

Wednesday 10/01/2018 Ratings

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS 2TV’s “Black Knight” showed further decrease in ratings, it rated 9.8% this is 0.8% lower than its previous episode.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Nothing to Lose” rated 6.5% and 7.6%, MBC’s “I Am Not A Robot” ratings slightly increased, it rated 3% and 4%.

Thursday 11/01/2018 Ratings

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS 2TV’s “Black Knight” ratings slightly increased, it rated 9.9% which is 0.1% higher than its previous episode.

The final episodes of “Nothing to Lose” rated 7.1% and 8% which is higher than its previous episodes, next week “Return” will take over the same time slot and join the competition.

Meanwhile, “I Am Not A Robot” rated 2.9% and 3.9% which is a slight decrease compared to its previous episodes.

My Thoughts

I stopped watching “Black Knight” a while ago, my problem with it was that it was too boring, I heard it was still boring!

I am so soooo excited about the upcoming drama “Return,” the drama features Shin Sung Rok and Park Ki Woong, two amazing actors who do very well when they’re cast as villains, the plot sounds so interesting, the entire cast is amazing.

I feel like “Return” will give “Black Knight” a run for its money, if the drama is as good as the teasers I have seen, I feel like it can easily overtake “Black Knight” as the number one drama in its time slot.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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