The second day of the 32nd Golden Disc Awards was filled with both happy and sad moments.

The awards show took time to commemorate the passing of one of the most beloved Kpop artist SHINee’s Jonghyun, who passed away on December 18.

Lee Hi performed one of her most famous hit tracks “Breathe” which was written and composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun. The song is known to provide comfort for fans.

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During the performance, Lee Hi struggled to hold back her tears, she couldn’t sing for a whole minute, while the orchestra behind her kept playing the instrumental version.

Fans were also crying and overtaken by emotions while listening to Lee Hi, fans then noticed that it wasn’t them alone who were crying, Girls Generation’s Taeyeon was also trying hard not to cry.

Eventually, Taeyeon was overcome by her emotions, she broke down and started crying while Lee Hi sang “Breathe.”

Fans captured the idol when she was overcome with tears. She and Lee Hi are known to be close friends to the late idol, they were very sad and heartbroken after the news of his passing were released to the media.

Please don’t cry Taeyeon! You did well! Hang in there!


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