Song Seung Heon And Liu Yi Fei Have Broken Up


Two of our favorite couples have ended their relationship.

On January 25, a representative from Song Seung Heon’s side confirmed the previous reports that stated the couple have broken up. The source stated,

“Its true that they have broke up. Since its their personal life, we don’t know the exact reason or when it happened.”

The source also went on to explain that they both have many projects and were extremely busy, and concluded,

“They naturally drifted apart but they didn’t break up because of THAAD.”

The couple had been dating for a while. They met on the set of movie “Third Love,” and announced their relationship in 2015 shortly after.

Actress Liu Yi Fei is currently preparing for her Disney role as Mulan while Song Seung Heon has recently finished his drama “Black,” he is yet to decide on another project.

Source: (A)

My Thoughts

The new Disney princess is going to be a mega star and hella busy. I am sad they broke up, it gave me hope that interracial relationships within the Korean celebrity community is possible.

But ever since I saw the news that she was accepted for the role of Mulan I knew they were either going to confirm getting married or they will soon break up. Sadly, they broke up.

Wishing the best for them both~[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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