Return Episode 1 And 2 Review And Recap


The newest SBS mystery thriller drama has people talking for its stellar cast and script.

“Return” premiered on January 17 at 10 p.m. KST and rated so well that it overtook KBS’s fantasy drama “Black Knight” which was enjoying the title of the number one drama since its premiere.

The first and second episode of the drama are just so good, I can’t wait to tell you my opinion about it.

A quick recap of episode 1 and 2

(because ain’t nobody got time to read the full recap) 😉

In the first episode we’re introduced to our four main soon to be suspected male characters. Shin Sung Rok who plays Oh Tae Seok, a charismatic mysterious guy who enjoys his time with the rest of his friends, he’s not entirely bad but he isn’t good either.

He’s a character who is so cool and chill that he’s okay if his wife has sex with his friend Tae Gyu. He brushes it off as if it was nothing which makes you question whether he’s gay or just plain careless.

Next up, Bong Tae Gyu who plays the role of the crazy Kim Hak Beom, a cocky hot-headed prick who doesn’t respect anyone around him not even his friends, he is aggressive and outright intolerable and an embarrassment even to his friends, but for some reason they all try to live with it.

He is full of himself and is flirtatious with his friend Tae Seok’s wife, apparently, they were a ‘good match,’ they end up making out (or had sex donno) in the bathroom of In Ho’s house where all the friends are dining.

Actor Yoon Jong Hoon plays the junkie of the group Seo Joon Hee, he is addicted to god knows what drugs, he appears to be nice but is aggressive when out of drugs, he also harms himself. In Ho’s mistress provides him with the drugs he needs.

Then we have Park Ki Woong who plays the role of unfaithful husband and father Kang In Ho. He is always on the edge because of the girl he’s cheating on his wife with (Yeom Mi Jung). She crazy and unpredictable, she boldly moved into the same condo as her lover and even becomes friends with his wife Na Ra played by the lovely actress Jung Eun Chae.

Not to forget our two main stars, actress Ko Hyun Jung plays the role of rags-to-riches lawyer Choi Ja Hye, she is a cool-headed charismatic character who knows how to represent herself. She runs a tv show called “Return.”

And our so-called hot-tempered detective Dokgo Young played by actor Lee Jin Wook. He is a determined detective who follows leads and tries his best to capture bad guys, he’s working on a drug case and stumbles upon a woman named Yeom Mi Jung (who happens to be the girl In Ho is cheating on his wife with).

Our two heroines have their first encounter when detective Young visits her after she demonstrates a case that he worked on during her legal show ‘Return,’ a case that he did a poor job at.


Throughout the majority of episode 1 and 2 the focus is on our main four soon to be murder suspects. Its showcases the wild life each one of them lives, a little about each character, just enough to spike our curiosity.

By the end of episode 2, Tae Seok plays a prank on In Ho and invites his mistress Mi Jung to his wife’s get-together. They get into an argument, In Ho barely holds back, we get to see a rather freaky scary side of Tae Seok.

After the dinner, In Ho hugs his loyal clueless wife and tells her he has business to take care of. He calls his mistress Mi Jung to warn her. He ends up in a fight with her after he insults her very badly, he chokes her then drags her out of the car, he then gets back in his car and drives towards her (did he or did he not hit her?).

Episode 1 and 2 shows us that any of them could actually be the killer of Mi Jung, each one of them has a very scary side to him, aside from Hak Beom who is openly a jerk in front of everyone, the rest of them try to hide that bad side of themselves.

So this is basically it for episode 1 and 2. I would highly recommend you watch both episodes, there is no dull moment at ALL.

I knew it, I knew from the trailers that “Return” wasn’t going to disappoint. With all honesty, I haven’t watched any drama starring either Ko Hyun Jung or Lee Jin Wook. I tuned in because of Shin Sung Rok and Park Ki Woong.

Shin Sung Rok and Park Ki Woong are two of my favorite underrated actors. They do extremely well when playing bad characters, so when I found out that they were both playing bad characters I literally screamed. I mean both of them on the same screen is like a dream come true to me.

Everyone… and I mean everyone is a pro. There is no idol or any inexperienced actor on the scene, thank goodness. Only good experienced older actors giving their all to their characters.

They’re totally immersed in their characters, they disappear behind them, I found that fascinating. I love each and every actor. They all did amazing. It was an amazing premiere, we were not disappointed.

I doubt In Ho killed his mistress, episode 2 shows us that there is a possibility that each of the rest 3 friends might have had something to do with her death, and since she was frozen its hard for doctors to tell the exact time of death.

The body of the mistress was found a couple of days later, what happened in those days?

I like guessing and I like it when a drama tests my patience and demands attention, its not always great to be fed every single little detail in every kdrama you watch, I feel like “Return” will be that different drama.

Out of all the main male characters, detective Dokgo Young has to be the least seasoned one (so far). The character description says hot-tempered, but he was just your average detective who is sometimes extremely angry at criminals but is also extremely dedicated, he also has that funny look on his face, as if he’s about to laugh or as if something is making him smile weirdly…

I don’t know how to describe it, and I think I will be the only reviewer who says that, but it felt like he was trying to be funny? Or light? I don’t know how to describe his facial expressions, they’re weird for someone who’s supposed to be a hot-tempered detective, but one thing is for sure, he isn’t that bright or that serious.

Of course, this is only my opinion of him for episode 1 and 2, this can completely change in the future. I hope that the writer has a good background story to him otherwise he’ll be buried and lost among the stellar cast and four characters of the suspects.

This is my first time watching a drama of actress Ko Hyun Jung, I heard she’s excellent, I can see that. She is born in 1971, among the entire main cast she’s the eldest and its obvious.

She plays an interesting character, someone with sense. She is a lawyer, which is kinda shocking because her sense of righteousness might be tampered by the suspect she might need to defend since she’s a lawyer not a prosecutor.

She looks like she’s suffering from a cold or a bad influenza, I don’t know whether it is makeup or just her face. She has minimal makeup and is practical. I don’t know whether it was deliberate they showed that she looks sick or its just that the actress is sick in real life… (I am a woman but you gotta excuse me on this one, I am clueless when it comes to makeup)

Is the drama 18+? Because I love that they’re not scared about showing some particular scenes.

Steamy kissing scenes as well as scenes of someone doing drugs, someone beating up a girl and she’s bleeding and a close up of Joon Hee (the junkie) harming himself.

They didn’t blur out any of that. I almost jumped of happiness and excitement. I rarely see that on a public Korean channel. As a person who loves horror and gore and hates it when Koreans blur everything, I am happppppy~~~

The drama is amazing and its off to an amazing start. I am sure today’s episodes will score even better. I can’t wait to see whats next, I will be reviewing episode 3 and 4 tomorrow so stay tuned.

What did you guys think of the new drama? Do you like it?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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