Red Velvet Joy Says She’s Trying Hard To Be Articulate For Her Upcoming Drama “Great Seducer”

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On January 29, Red Velvet held a showcase for the release of their repackage album “The Perfect Red Velvet.” The girls sat down to answer some questions by MC Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon. The showcase was broadcasted through Naver’s V Live.

Red Velvet answered fans submitted questions and Joy was asked about her upcoming drama “Love Game.”

The drama is a remake of the popular French novel “Dangerous Liaisons.” “Love Game” is a seductive romance drama that tells the story of a man and a woman in their twenties who get involved in a serious love game, not knowing that they might be endangering their entire lives.

Woo Do Hwan will play the character of Kwon Shi Hyun, a twenty-year-old homme fatale with killer eyes. He is one of the main players who bets his life to seduce Eun Tae Hee, played by Joy.

Eun Tae Hee is also a twenty-year-old woman who doesn’t think much of love, but after meeting Kwon Shi Hyun, she changes her mind.

Joy said,

“We’re currently filming. In my previous role and debut drama ‘The Liar and His Lover,’ I was innocent and cute singer student. But now I am playing a smart elite person who studied abroad in Germany, she is a student at a prestigious university.

Honestly, I am not an elite person, so, these days I am trying hard to be articulate and appear smart.”

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