The Real Reason Why Nam Joo Hyuk Donated Approx. 30,000$ To His Old School Will Warm Your Heart

The king of melting girls’ hearts has to be Nam Joo Hyuk. The actor was revealed to have donated 30 million won (approx.. 28,000$) to his old school (Suil High School).

The donated money reportedly went to scholarship fund for children from families who suffer financial difficulties. He even visited the school himself to spend time with 13 students who received the money from his scholarship.

The actor never intended for his donation to go public, instead he did it quietly. Yet, a grateful student posted to social media communities about his generous donation to the school.

A source then revealed that the actor has always intended on donating money to his old school. According to the source, he was planning on donating about 20 million won but ended up donating 10 million more because of the great sympathy he felt after he listened to the student’s stories.

In a recent interview with OSEN, the actor spoke about visiting his old school, he said,

“Back when I visited my school and met the juniors. I hoped with my small support I could give them strength. I faced a lot of difficulties back in my school days.

In order to become a model, you need to go to modelling school, back then I need money for that and my family’s financial situation was difficult. So I know how it feels like to have your dreams cut off before you could even take a step towards it.”

The actor added,

“If I can help people even a little bit who willing not give up their dreams because of their families difficulties financial situation, I want to help them dream and encourage them, this is why I gave the scholarship.”

God bless his beautiful heart~

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1 thought on “The Real Reason Why Nam Joo Hyuk Donated Approx. 30,000$ To His Old School Will Warm Your Heart”

  1. Joo-Hyuk is so thoughtful and caring. Knowing that he did this and spent time to hear the students’ stories, makes me so very deliated and proud of him.

    I hope everyone – who is anyone – can put away their pride away of their old memories of their old school and do something as amazing like this, because that is life changing. It could even help support them and encourage their dreams. Thanks to Nam.


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