Many Female Celebrities Attend GFRIEND’s First Concert To Show Support’s-First-Concert-celebrity.jpg

The popular girl group GFRIEND has held her first ever solo concert “Season of GFRIEND” on January 6, the concert was attended by many female celebrities.

TWICE’s Jihyo, Nayeon, Dahyun, Kim Sae Ron, LABOUM’s Solbin, CLC’s Eunbin, Jeon Somi and DreamCatcher’s Dami attended GFRIEND’s concert.

TWICE’s Jihyo posted a photo to the group’s official Instagram account with Yerin and Eunha after the concert, she thanked Yerin for the invitation.

FIESTAR’s Cao Lu shared many photos with GFRIEND members, she also shared many other female celebrities.’s-First-Concert-celebrity.jpg

Check out some of the photos Cao Lu shared from the concert.’s-First-Concert-celebrity.jpg’s-First-Concert-celebrity.jpg’s-First-Concert-celebrity.jpg’s-First-Concert-celebrity.jpg

Congratulations for GFRIEND on their successful first concert!

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