Actors Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung are starring in the upcoming tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “About Time.”

The upcoming romance drama tells the story about a woman who can see people’s life expectancies as well as her own, and a man who is able to pause the countdown to the end of her time, they fall in love.

Lee Sung Kyung will take on the role of musical actress Choi Michaela, she is charming but there is more to her than what meets the eye, she is a person who has the unfortunate fate of being able to see people’s lifespan. She tries to live her life accepting her fate, once she meets Lee Do Ha, she holds on him and gains hope in life.

Lee Sang Yoon is taking on the role of Lee Do Ha, a chairman of a cultural foundations. He has perfect qualities, a cold vibe with a killer gaze. Before meeting Choi Michaela, he didn’t know of his abilities. He ends up giving in for Choi Michaela’s attempts to seduce, threaten and even cutely obsess over him.

PD Kim Hyung Sik is directing the drama, he has previously worked on many popular dramas such as “Sign,” “Ghost,” “Secret Door,” and “Twenty Again.” This is his second collaboration with actor Lee Sang Yoon, they previously worked together in “Twenty Again.”

The drama will air some time in May, following the conclusion of “You Who Forgot Poetry.”

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