Kim Ji Won Chooses Her Ideal Type, You Won’t Guess Her Answer

Beloved actress Kim Ji Won has made a guest appearance on “Night Goblin” and she was asked about her ideal type during the show.

The actress and the entire cast were waiting for a restaurant to open up for dinner. During that time, the cast had fun with the actress and played ideal type tournament.

She was first asked to choose between Jin Goo and Park Seo Joon, to which, as expected she chose Park Seo Joon, but she gave a rather dull reason, she said because she has only recently been in a drama with him, she picked him.

Other lucky contestants were FT Island’s Hongki, Jung Hyunh Don, Lee Soo Geun and others among the cast of “Night Goblin.” Park Seo Joon ended going up against her recent co-star from the upcoming film “Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead” actor Kim Myung Min.

To everyone’s shock she picked actor Kim Myung Min, the actor is known best for his many movie roles, he is 45 years old and a married man.

The cast of the show couldn’t believe what they’ve heard, she simply laughed it off shyly.

Fans were shocked she didn’t pick one of her best co-stars to date. She and actor Park Seo Joon had such an amazing chemistry, their chemistry was so good it won them best drama couple award at KBS 2017 Awards.

Were you shocked by her choice?

Check out the full clip below!

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