IU Mentions Jonghyun In Heartbreaking Moving Speech At 32nd Golden Disc Awards

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Yesterday, at day 1 of the 32nd Golden Disc Awards, IU took home the Grand Prize award (daesang).

IU’s award was the biggest of the first night, the first night of the prestigious award has focused on awarding artists with the biggest sales in digital music release.


She has previously won a Bongsang award, she was both happy and shocked that she won the award, she took the stage to thank her fans and everyone who helped her out for the award she took home, she then went on to talk about her good friend Jonghyun, who has passed away back in December 18 due to suicide.

She first talked about the song “Through The Night,” she talked about how much she loved the song when she first heard it, she thanked Kim Je Hwi and Kim Hee Won who composed the song. She added,

“They’re young and talented musicians, I hope that they will have bigger better opportunities in the future. Congratulations on being Prize-winning composers, and thank you!”

She then went on to talk about SHINee’s Jonghyun, she said,

“To be honest, I am still very sad. I had to say goodbye to someone who was very precious to me as an artist, a friend and a musician. To some degree I can understand why it was very difficult for him, and since it’s a feeling that I am not completely unfamiliar with, it still pains me, it makes me sad and sorry.

I believe there are others around me who are just as sad as I am. It’s a shame and even more sad that we have to be busy with things to do tomorrow, worry about what will happen a month from now and also make plans for next year, we didn’t allow ourselves to feel sadness as much as we needed to.

I hope that you will let natural things show and accept them as well, like when feeling happy when happy and the same goes to when you’re crying, when you’re sad, hungry, also taking it easy when you’re sick.

As artists, we comfort people, its good to have a professional mindset, but I hope that no one becomes sicker and feel pain not looking out for themselves, and not showing how they feel.

You were busy today and so you will be tomorrow, even if you might not have enough time, I hope that people who won awards today will celebrate and enjoy it to the fullest and sleep well. I will be doing so too, thank you!”

Following her moving speech, she performed an encore of “Through the Night.”

Fans were very pleased by IU’s speech, she touched on such an important subject. Thank you, IU! Congrats to all the winners of the first night of the awards, you can check out the full list of winners from the link in the description.

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