“Hwayugi” To Resume Airing This Week

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Contrary to previous reports and following reports that MOEL (Ministry of Employment and Labor) might suspend the drama filming, an official statement from JS production company and tvN has stated that the drama will resume airing starting January 6 on Saturday.

In an official statement JS Picture and tvN began by apologizing again for the severe incident that happened on set on December 23, the broadcasting issues on December 24 and the changes in the broadcast schedules for the past 2 weeks.

They extended their apology to the injured member on set once again, and revealed that they’re proceeding smoothly with the lawyer hired by the staff member’s family, they’re arranging a visit to him on Sunday (January 7) to apologize once again.

They added,

“Our first priority was to take appropriate measures as soon as possible.”

As a result of the incident, the statement explained the extra precautions they took to prevent such a terrible accident from happening again. They revealed they were bringing an additional director, CG companies will be working on the drama as well.

They added,

“In terms of safety management, the Ministry of Employment and Labor has never gave us a “cease-and-desist” action, but we voluntarily stopped shooting on-site for 4 days from December 30 (Sat) to January 2 (Tue.)

In addition, we have improved the set on the findings of the Ministry of Employment and Labor and are actively making further improvements to the remaining areas. We will improve the set facilities and management system after the safety consulting through the public safety management company.”

“JS Pictures” and “tvN” had time to complement the production environment by rearranging the shooting environment, the working conditions of the staff, and the production schedule in various ways so that the preceding accident won’t happen again.

They added,

“We will resume the tvN program normally for episode three in the evening on Saturday (6th). We will repay the efforts of all the production crew, actors and staff with a good quality program.”

They closed their argument by apologizing once again for the staff member injured and the viewers of “Hwayugi.”

How do you feel about their apology?

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