“Hwayugi” Future Uncertain, Investigation Is Still Underway


The world of Korean drama was shocked when they found out that one of “Hwayugi” staff members had been seriously injured on the set of the drama, the severe injury resulted in spine and hip bone fracture, the staff member could also be paralyzed as a result to the injury.

Following the news which spread like wild fire, Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) conducted an investigation of the site. As a result, tvN and Hwayugi’s released a statement apologizing to the public who showed interest in the drama and delayed episode 3 which was supposed to air on December 30th to January 6.

With no new development on the investigation results, the broadcast of episode 3 is still undetermined, depending on MOEL findings, “Hwayugi” filming may even be suspended.

On December 23, 2017, at 2 am, Staff A, who was working on the chandelier in the ceiling above 3m, fell down and was seriously injured.

MBC Art, which was entrusted to the victim’s family, and the media union to which the victim belongs, expressed a strong dissatisfaction with the start of broadcasting while hiding the big accident like this, and requested the Ministry of Employment and Labor to start an investigation, thus on 28th and 29th of December a Field investigation was conducted. On the 28th, they focused on the accident site, and on the 29th we surveyed the entire set.

The union explained,

“During the two-hour 30-minute investigation and interview process, the drama production continued shooting without any recurrence prevention measures after the accident.

There was a gap between the wood supporting the ceiling and the plywood, and the moving path inside the set was very dark and cramped, and various cables, wood and paints were placed on the floor.

It is a situation where second safety accidents can happen to staffs and actors at any time.

The exact truth and responsibility for the victim must be revealed and all the measures necessary to prevent the recurrence must be taken.”

In addition, MBC Art filed a complaint with Anseong police on suspicion of malpractice and intimidation.

The Police released a statement,

“We are currently accepting complaints and are preparing for the investigation, and we are going to conduct a witness investigation on January 3.

We are planning to investigate the matter with the victim’s severe injury being the focus of our investigation.”

However, the police source clarified that the police investigation does not determine whether the filming will proceed or not, this is a matter of the MOEL to decide.

Stay tuned for updates!

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My Thoughts

What a mess! They should’ve seen that one coming, the whole set is a mess, the production is a mess and the way they handled the injury is even worse.

The fact that they went on filming for the drama after someone was severely injured so badly when he has a family to look after, raises red flags to me.

They should’ve released a statement, apologized, corrected themselves instead of being exposed like this to everyone.

I can’t help but hate the whole situation, I also feel bad for every actor involved because they’re being associated with this. There were reports that Cha Seung Won didn’t want to shoot or something similar to that. Of course, “Hwayugi” denied it!

No matter what they do, they can never take back the damage that has happened, police are involved right now and so are the MOEL, this is serious.

The drama as a whole could be suspended… who wants to watch this drama after all that happened?

I have a bad feeling about this! I liked the first two episodes, but I doubt that the drama will air its 3rd episode in a couple of days. (its my own speculation) but with everything going on, police and MOEL involvement, this matter won’t be easily looked over or forgotten.

I am glad it was brought to light, so when someone instructs a poor production staff member to do something that is clearly dangerous because they want to go on with shooting, they remember this and think harder before they do something that can never be undone!

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