Hallyu actress Ha Ji Won and her younger late brother Jeon Tae Soo had one of the most beautiful sister-brother relationship.

The late actor Jeon Tae Soo passed away on January 21st after battling depression for a long time.

His funeral was held quietly on January 23rd in the presence of his elder sister and his family members and close acquaintances.

Ha Ji Won had always been careful when speaking about her younger brother. The soft-hearted and introverted Jeon Tae Soo decided to pursue acting, when his sister found out, she convinced him to serve the military before pursuing an acting career. She suggested he takes care of military as it might cause him problems later on.

In a previous interview, Ha Ji Won revealed that she tried to convince her brother out of it and she was hoping that serving the military would have done that.

Back when she was filming “Daddy long legs,” she couldn’t attend few of his ceremonies but never missed any of his stage appearances no matter how far they were. Her brother was serving as a combat police officer in Gwangju.

The actress’s manager claims that she was extremely worried about her brother and his military life. Every time she visited him, she took him and his friends out for food. She thought it was the best thing she could do for him as a celebrity sister.

After finishing military service, Jeon Tae Soo appeared in drama such as “Kid Gang”, “Good Day to Love”, and “The King and I”. his appearances as a rookie actor impressed the public.

During his national service his sister had secured auditions for him. It was her way of keeping her promise she made to him about having a chance to act after returning from the military.

Ha Ji Won made time to see her younger brother even when she was busy with her movies at the time. She even looked over scenarios with him and helped him analyze them as a more experienced actor.

She even helped her brother out by playing the opposite role while practicing lines together for his roles, she supported him as a sister and a sunbae actor.

He then managed to snag a role in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” he could finally stand up and proudly announce that he’s actress Ha Ji Won younger brother. However, a drunken accident in 2011 affected him greatly and he quit dramas and had been in a slump and battled depression.

The actress continued to show support to her younger brother and mentioned him in many interviews. She talked about the pressure a celebrity goes through, she had been trying to stop her brother from going through the same things and knew that success was his way out.

And whenever he asked to see her she was always there for him no matter how busy she was. She was one of the chief mourners in his funeral. May his soul rest in peace!

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