Gary sat down for an interview for the first time in a while, he talked about his family and his decision to part ways with the popular variety show Running Man.

Gary talked about his son who was born back in November 2017. He said that he thought he would be able to work on music while attending to his child but soon found out that it was more difficult than he could have imagined.

He spoke fondly of his son and said,

“It might be because I got a child at a later age compared to the average age, but its very beautiful. One day, I looked at his face and thought, ‘No matter what happens in this world, if there is only this child and my wife, I have nothing to fear.’ So I am doing my best to devote my life to my family.”

He also talked about his opinion on weddings. Gary had secretly married without holding a wedding ceremony in 2017, he explained,

“I used to say this to the ‘Running Man’ members a lot, I never really wanted a wedding. Marriage is the joining of two people who are in love, I didn’t like talking about wedding venues, gifts and photos.”

He clarified that his wife had similar thoughts to weddings, the couple married through an official registration certificate.

He was also asked about the reason he left “Running Man,” he replied with shocking honesty and said,

“My on-screen character was undermined, I kept thinking I had nothing more to show people. Of course, whenever I felt that way those around me would encourage me and tell me we’re family and that I didn’t need to worry. However, I thought that there was nothing more I could for the program.

Take a look at the program right now. They added new members, isn’t it really fun? I am very happy.”

He also explained that he didn’t feel envious or regretful at all for leaving the show, and explained that he felt like he couldn’t do more for the show back then.

When asked to introduce his wife or talk about her, Gary refused to discuss much about it, his wife is a non-celebrity and an average person, he explained,

“I would like to minimize the amount of times I talk about my wife. My wife and family were hurt by the malicious comments. I don’t care when they’re directed at me, but when they’re directed at my wife or my child, I can’t sleep at night.

My wife and I did not have any brilliant wedding ceremony, and we want to live happily ever after, just like everyone else.

Lastly, he explained that he has no concrete plans about an upcoming release, for now Gary plans on focusing on his family, child and wife while working on music.

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