Suzy has made her first comeback since her group disbandment on January 29.

Suzy held a showcase for her new mini album “Faces of Love.” During the showcase she talked about many things including Miss A, acting and a possible upcoming solo concert.

She talked about her first comeback since her group disbandment, she said,

“This time, the same as last time I released my solo music, I’m really nervous and trembling because it’s a new challenge. I wish you would show interest and love the new album.”

Suzy then touched on the subject of Miss A disbandment, she said,

” Miss A has worked for 7 years and has only disbanded recently. With releasing my new solo album, I feel that it’s a new challenge and I am nervous. So, I decided to work harder and became more determined, I think that it is an opportunity for me to grow because I am going to do my music differently from the group and I am able to show my own colors.”

She apologized to fans regarding the group disbandment, she said,

“I am sorry that I didn’t properly tell fans about the group’s disbandment. I also think it’s a shame but I think that we will be able to grow even more with each activity we do on our own in the future. I hope it all works out and I am supporting them. I hope you’ll watch over them.”

The singer-actress then talked about taking on the challenge of acting and singing both at the same time, she said that she wanted to take on both challenges in parallel and do well with them both.

She also talked about feeling pressure when acting, she said,

“When acting for a while, I felt a sense of responsibility and a lot of pressure. When working on my album, I tried to tell my own stories.”

She also talked about her dream of holding a solo concert one day, she said,

“One of my biggest dreams is to hold a solo concert one day, I want to do it and I am planning for it, but I don’t know whether it’ll be this year or not. I would love to do it whether it be this year or next year.”

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My Thoughts

I don’t want to appear in a bad light, but come on Suzy….

Out of all the members of Miss A she was the only one who didn’t bother address the disbandment of the group when it was announced (which I thought was rude), I get it she was busy back then but the least she could do was to use her fingers for 2 to 4 minutes and post online, that’s all!

I didn’t sense that they got along well, she says it’s a shame but I hardly doubt it was for her, it might for them because they’re still trying to establish themselves while she already had done so before the group disbanded, she had been promoting solo for a long time.

I also doubt she would have wanted to stay with the group or even thought of it as something that is serious enough, mainly because she was always the odd one of the group and the one who seemed to not get along so well with others. Whether people like it or not, singing and groups is also a career and like any other career, people don’t stay long if they’re not getting along well with others in the office.

Suzy was always favored, I can’t blame Suzy for that. She is not spoiled, she works hard and puts her heart and soul into everything.