[BREAKING] Actor Lee Jung Jin Is Dating Former 9MUSE Member Euaerin


An exclusive report on January 11 stated that actor Lee Jung Jin is currently dating idol and former 9MUSE member Euaerin.

The couple, according to reports, had first met on a group outing and naturally developed a relationship, their interest in each other enabled them to become closer, their relationship soon became romantic.

The couple has 10 year-age gap, but share love for sports, golf in particular. The report claimed that the two have been dating for 7 months, they’re both encouraging and supportive of each other during their busy schedules.

Despite their different career paths, the couple has started out as models, both are known for their height and good looks.

The fact that sports is common interest to both. Euaerin has been involved in a variety of sports such as swimming, horseback riding, figure skating, while Lee Jung Jin has good golf skills.

At a later stage, the agency of actor Lee Jung Jin confirmed that they’re indeed dating, and as the reports indicated at first, the agency confirmed that they have been dating for 7 months.

Congrats to the new couple!

Only 11 days into 2018, so far, we have 6 new celebrity couples so far!

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