“Black Knight” Ratings Drop But Stills Ranks First

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The first week of 2018 is here, and KBS 2TV “Black Knight” still owned the top spot in ratings for Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

According to Nielsen Korea, Wednesday 3rd of January, KBS 2TV “Black Knight” rated 9.2% which is 4% lower than its previous episode, no longer a double-digit ratings holder but remained the top rated drama of its time slot.

While SBS “Nothing to Lose” rated 6.3% and 7.3% which is also lower than its previous episode, MBC’s “I’m Not a Robot” rated 3.3% and 3.6%.

On Thursday’s 4th January KBS 2TV “Black Knight” picked up the ratings and rated 10.6% which is 1.4% higher than its Wednesday’s episode, the drama was back in the double-digit territory once again.

SBS’s “Nothing to Lose” rated 6.4% and 6.8%, while MBC’s “I’m Not a Robot” rated 2.5% and 3.5% which is lower than its previous episode.

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  1. So far, personally, i don’t think Black Knight is a good drama. It has some good moments but mostly i feel the script was done poorly. I have nothing personal with the lead actor and actress. In fact this is the first drama i’ve seen them in. But it seems their performance is somewhat lacking for me. Shin Se-kyung sometimes seems to be too conscious of the camera and is more concerned with how she looks. Her face sometimes gives off this blank expression which makes me wonder what kind of feeling is she trying to project. Her laughter sometimes seems unnatural to me. And when she acts surprised or shock, its seems fake to me. I think Kim Rae Won is also guilty of having this blank expressionless face in the drama as well. It just seems so unnatural when he delivers those cheesy one liner pickup lines. Speaking of which, i think this drama has way too many of these unnatural cheesy pickup lines that eventually takes it toll on the story and pacing. I don’t know. Is it just their acting that’s making me feel this way? Or is it the poor script or pacing of the story. Sometimes the guilt felt by Baek Hee is shown too often and felt dragging.

    I have nothing against the actors. I think the story/concept has potential and i would really love to like this drama. But as it is now, i don’t like it that much and am certainly surprised why it has a very high rating. Maybe my taste is just different.

    I’m more excited to watch the next episode of “I am not a Robot”. I think it is much better personally.

    Anyways, i still watch the show hoping things will turn around. But as of the moment, i’m a bit disappointed.

    1. Ya! I totally agree with you, I have talked about this a lot in previous articles when I cover the rating news. the problem is that its high-end but lackluster, nothing is going on, Its just girls fighting over a guy and it isn’t even that interesting of a fight, I don’t know where the story is going, which is why I stopped watching last week.There is no plot, there are good actors in this drama isn’t interesting enough. As for I am not a robot, I still believe its cheesy, the plot is better than that of Black Knight (there is actually a story in this drama) but its too fluffy for my taste!

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