Yoon Park, Girls Day Yura, And Kwak Dong Yeon Join Kim So Hyun’s Upcoming Drama “Radio Romance”

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More stars have been confirmed for the upcoming anticipated comeback drama of Kim So Hyun and Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon.

Four actors have been recently confirmed for the drama, actors Yoon Park, Kwak Dong Yeon, Ha Joon, and Girl’s Day member Yura will be joining the upcoming KBS 2TV drama.

“Radio Romance” tells the story of Ji Su Ho (Yoon Doo Joon), an A-list actor who can’t do anything without a script, and Song Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun), a low-ranking radio script writer who casts him as a DJ for her new show.

Yoon Park will take on the role of Lee Kang, a talented producing director who is as insufferable as he is talented. He is notorious and has a reputation for being a difficult personality and unreasonable expectations of his staff, his difficult character drives no less than seven assistant producers to the hospital.

After he fires 12 different radio DJs, he makes an offer to Song Geu Rim, if she manages to cast Ji Su Ho as the DJ, he will make her the head writer of the show.

Girls Day Yura will take on the role of Jin Tae Ri, a fading star who once was the most in-demand actress in Korea. Despite her once flourishing career, its on the decline, her fans and casting offers are steadily decreasing in numbers. As she begins to believe that her career is coming to an end, she stumbles upon Ji Su Ho’s family secret, she tries to use that to her advantage to kick start her career again.

Ha Joon will take on the role of Ji Su Ho’s longtime manager Kim Jin Woo, he rose from being a road manager to the agency director using his skills. He takes care of everything down to the tiny details for the actor, he is also not afraid of playing the villain role to protect his actor. Kim Jin Woo had a brief flirtatious relationship with Jin Tae Ri in the past.

Kwak Dong Yeon is taking on the role of Jason, a psychiatrist who happens to be Ji Su Ho’s high school classmates. He stays close to the actor’s side, he’s always there for him encouraging him to talk about his problems.

“Radio Romance” will air in January 2018, after “Jugglers” is over.

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