Woo Do Hwan Talks About His Busy 2017 And “Mad Dog”


Woo Do Hwan is one of 2017’s rising actors, he’s had a busy 2017, he sat down for an interview to talk about his 2017 dramas “Save Me” and “Mad Dog.”

In fact, Woo Do Hwan has been around for a while, he debuted back in 2011, he played minor roles in many dramas since his debut, but only gained attraction when he appeared in the movie “Master” alongside Lee Byung Hun, Kang Dong Won, and Kim Woo Bin.

And with his role in 2017 cult OCN drama “Save Me” as Seok Gong Cheol, he had his big break, soon after the drama ended he picked up KBS “Mad Dog.” Woo Do Hwan said,

“I worked without rest. I lost my weight and didn’t even have enough time to sleep.”

About his character in “Mad Dog” he said,

“I was filming ‘save me,’ and I received ‘Mad Dog’ script 2-3 weeks before shooting. I did not have enough time to thoroughly analyse the character. Nevertheless, in the early days, I played the character without knowing who he was. By time I realized that Kim Min Joon was a smart character who did not know where to go.

As I continued to work without breaks, I learned to take responsibility for every action I do. “

The actor added,

“I still do not know what kind of image I represent as an actor. I don’t intentionally choose a character. I just feel attracted to them. I’ve never stuck with genres, but I’ve only starred in works that have a strong theme. But I think it would also be good to appear in a romantic genre. If the drama contains a good message I wouldn’t have a reason to decline. “

About developing “star syndrome” with his increasing popularity, he commented,

“Star disease? I didn’t even gain much popularity. I do not think I’m a star. I am so embarrassed”

The actor also talked about whats to come and what he plans on doing in 2018, he promised fans that he’ll return with many projects in 2018 and asked fans to look forward to it.

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