SS501 Might Be Reuniting After 9 Years


The legendary Kpop group SS501 might actually reunite with all its five original members including Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min.

It was revealed that the group with exception of Kim Hyung Jun, who’s currently serving the military, had met up in Japan recently to discuss the possibility of a reunion.

Member Park Jung Min revealed in an interview that the four members have reunited and that they were seriously considering the possibility of returning as a full group.  Park Jung Min didn’t reveal much details but confirmed that the meeting was a promising one.

According to Park Jung Min, the members were even discussing the possibility of a comeback with new music and even plans for a concert.

The group has been inactive since June 2010, after their exclusive contract with DSP Media expired, thou the group has never officially disbanded, each member went their separate way.

Members Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Kyu Jong, and Heo Young Saeng promoted together under the sub unit SS301, the full group has last released an album back in May 2010 “Destination.”

If the group was to reunite after Kim Hyung Jun’s discharge from the military, it will be their first release in nine years.

Since all of the members are affiliated with other agencies, it is expected that it will take a while to properly plan and time the comeback in accordance with each member’s schedule.

Would you like to see SS501 reunite together again?

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