SHINee’s Key Shares Handwritten Heartbreaking Goodbye Letter To Jonghyun

SHINee’s Key is very devastated following the death of his group-mate Jonghyun, and for the first time since Jonghyun’s death, Key finally posted for the first time on social media. 

On December 21, Key along with the remaining SHINee members; who were the chef mourners; sent off Jonghyun to his final resting place.

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On the same day Key posted a handwritten letter to his Instagram along with a ring Jonghyun wore and he had kept, he wrote,

“To my beloved Jonghyun hyung.

Hyung. Its Ki Bum~ today I sent you off, and even saw your face yesterday, I still can’t believe anything. I am sorry I came late because of work, and I am sorry for not being a source of strength to you when you were lonely.

You and I were the most stubborn members of our group, we did everything we wanted to do, but you did everything you wanted to and eventually made the decision to leave first…. Its was really hard at first, but after spending time with only you for the past 3 days, I think I might understand how you felt.

Don’t be worried that you left ahead of us. I will respect and look after your mom and sister as if they were my own family.

I’ll miss you for a really long time. I am worried now that the person who always stood by my side at meeting is no longer here. You and I talked most during meetings…. Now I have to get used to not having you here.

I will try my best to lead a better life, too. When I become older and we meet again, tell me I did well jonghyun… you were the best artist, friend, hyung, and colleague to me.

You did well and I love you so much!”

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