Seo In Guk has a girlfriend!

The actor-singer has confirmed that he’s been dating singer Park Bo Ram for 1 year and six months.

Seo In Guk agency confirmed the news and released a statement saying,

“It is true that Seo In Guk is dating Park Bo Ram. However, we don’t the specific details.”

Park Bo Ram’s agency also confirmed the news that the two have been dating for a year and a half.

Media outlets reported that they’ve seen the couple out on dates, the two seemed to be enjoying each other’s company not caring about others noticing them.

According to reports, the two enjoyed multiple simple dates together and met each other frequently.

A source close to both has commented,

“You can feel Seo In Guk’s sincerity towards Park Bo Ram. He’s been going through a difficult time lately he answers her phone whenever she calls him and tries to not show it in front of his girlfriend. I hope that the public can support their relationship.”

It was revealed that the two became best friends after Park Bo Ram’s mother passed away in October following the passing of her father back in 2010. According to the reports, Seo In Guk has always been there for her during difficult times and so she has and thus their relationship progressed from friendship to lovers.

The two are both previous contestants of the show “Superstar K.” Seo In Guk was the winner of the first season, while Park Bo Ram appeared in the second season. Despite their huge 7-year age gap the two are very well mad in love.

Congratulations to the couple!

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