Actress Min Hyo Rin opens up about the real reason why she doesn’t talk about her boyfriend Taeyang much in public.

The actress sat down for an interview recently in which she discussed Taeyang’s song “Darling.” Fans thought that the couple had broken up because of the song lyrics that hinted to fans that the two were over.

About that she said,

“I also heard the rumors. We never broke up, but the lyrics of the song took me by surprise. I also had no idea. I was surprised that he said those things about me, I am also very thankful.”

The actress then opened up about why she restrains herself when the topic of her boyfriend is brought up, she said,

“If my boyfriend was a non-celebrity or even an actor, I think I would have been able to speak more about our relationship but since he’s an idol and a part of a group. I am being more careful with everything.”


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