Kris Wu Admits He Doesn’t Talk To Any Of The EXO Members Anymore, Says Kpop Restricted His Freedom


Kris Wu sat down for an interview with DJ Gabby Diaz of radio station “Wild 94.9” back in early December to talk about his life, his career and his new music that’s taking over the world.

DJ Gabby welcomed him to the show and started off the conversation talking about the time he spent in South Korea being a Kpop idol, what Kris said next shocked fans.

Kris has rarely talked in public about EXO ever since he left the group back in 2014, and for the first time ever we got an honest answer from him on why he left, he said,

“Well, first of all I’m not Korean, right? I’m Chinese. Korea is not like a home for me, it’s not my base. So working there was still kind of stressful, I guess, for me.

And second, it’ll be because… Mostly because the way that K-Pop works is that you gotta kind of do stuff that your company asks you to do.

Everyone had no freedom, right? For me, it was super stressful because I wanna do my own stuff, right?”

DJ Gabby then asked him a more personal question to which he hesitated to answer, she asked,

“Do you talk to the guys at all anymore? Or is that kinda like we’re separate now and it is what it is?”

Kris Wu’s face then turned red, he kept replying with,

“Yeah, yeah.”

Kris then moved on to talk about this collaboration with Travis Scott, and his recent song B.M which had hit the no.1 spot on the Hip-Hop/Rap iTunes chart and #2 overall on the U.S iTunes chart after its release.

Kris also hint at a possible future collaboration with Pharrell in the future, he had shared a photo with him on his Instagram account back on October 19.

Kris appears to be comfortable and happy where he is right now, some fans liked his frank answer while some didn’t like it so much and called him out for being a traitor.

What do you think of Kris’s statement? Do you believe he doesn’t talk to EXO anymore?

Check out the full interview below.


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