Actor Kim Woo Bin has been battling cancer as of May earlier this year. For the first time in a long time, the actor himself gave his fans a pleasant update about his ongoing battle.

The actor wrote to his official fan café, he said,

“I wanted to write earlier to you, during that time I was gone for about 7 months because I was being treated. Actually, every time my name came up in real-time search words, I was afraid, I wanted to get rid of that fear and talk to you all before this year ended.

Thanks for your support and prayers, I have successfully completed chemotherapy three times and radiation therapy 35 times. I was able to gain strength and fight with the help of your supportive comments on the fan café and social media. I wanted to sincerely thank you for that.

I have currently completed all of my necessary treatments and I am regularly following up and recovering.

I think I will need a little bit more time before I can greet you all again. Back when I left posts on the fan café, you always said that my health should be my top priority and that I should always take care about my health, this is why I am a bit embarrassed to show my sickness. I will take care of my health more and do my best to deliver only pleasant news in the future.

I pray miraculous things will happen to all of you who are having difficult time this year. I hope that in 2018, your year will be always filled with happy things.

Thank you all again.”

We’re so happy that Kim Woo Bin is recovering well. We will await happy news from him in 2018.

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My Thoughts

I am so happy by the news, this is today’s best news.

Thank you Woo Bin oppa for updating us on your health, I have been waiting for an update ever since they said you were recovering well back in August after completing the first round of chemotherapy.

Wishing the actor all the best, I hope 2018 will be his year, he fought so hard for his health. I can’t wait to cover great news about him in 2018. Kim Woo Bin oppa Fighting~