Actor Jung Kyung Ho is always happy to talk about his long time girlfriend Girls Generation Sooyoung whenever he’s asked about her.

On December 29, Korean news outlet Ilgan Sports interview some of the biggest names in Korean Entertainment industry, including celebrities, PDs, writers and many others.

Some of the celebrities they’ve talked with are Son Ye Jin, Kim Hee Sun, Psy, Rain, Kim Eun Sook, and more. They interviewed a total of 61 people over drinks and food.

Actor Jung Kyung Ho was one of the celebrities interviewed, when they mentioned the name Sooyoung, his face lit, he loves talking about his girlfriend.

He’s been dating Sooyoung for well over 4 years, when he was asked about what drew him to her, he said,

“She has a lot of warmth I don’t have. She has a lot of things I don’t have. I envy her for that sometimes, but it makes me love her even more. She gives me strength.”

He also added that he would love to marry her someday but said that he wants her to properly make her start as an actress before burdening her with the topic of marriage.

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