Jung Hae In And Shin Jae Ha Reunite On The Set Of “Prison Playbook”

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“While You Were Asleep” feels are crawling back in!

Two of our favorite breakout actors of 2017 have reunited on the set of tvN’s hit drama “Prison Playbook.”

Shin Jae Ha posted a new selfie with Shin Jae Ha, the two were wearing prison attire, they were smiling to the cameras.

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Fans were happy after the two were confirmed to reunite through the drama “Prison Playbook” following the conclusion of “While You Were Asleep.”

그렇게 착하던 두 사람은 깜빵에서 다시 만납니다….

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Shin Jae Ha captioned the photo,

“Two guys who were nice meet again as prison inmates.”

The actor was referring to the nice characters they played in “While You Were Asleep,” the two reunited in prison playing two very different characters.

Jung Hae In plays the role of Yoo Jung Woo, an officer who was falsely imprisoned for assaulting and killing his own team member. He plays a cold character with an attitude.

While Shin Jae Ha plays the character of Kim Min Sung, a poor student and part-time worker who gets imprisoned for not being able to pay settlement after getting into a car accident.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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