“Hwayugi” Postpones Episode 3 Amid Ongoing Labor Inspection


Episode 3 of tvN’s new drama “Hwayugi” is not airing this week as planned.

Episode 3 and 4 will air on January 6 and 7 respectively. “Hwayugi” staff has released a statement to address the matter,

“To be able to check and carry out the ongoing inspection more closely, tvN has decided to postpone episode three of ‘Hwayugi’ which was scheduled to air on Saturday December 30.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience we have caused to the viewers, regardless of the reasons behind December 24 broadcast issues and delays and the staff injury on the shooting set.

In order to improve the production environment, we are currently reorganizing the production environment working conditions for the staff, and through additional safety inspections, we are working on improving the shooting conditions and reorganizing the the production schedule.

We ask for your understanding, such an accident will never happen again.

Once again, we apologize to the viewers who have shown interest in ‘Hwayugi,’ after inspection and improvements take place we plan on coming back with good quality program.”

What do you think of this entire incident?

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  1. actually i didnt notice that mistake…I was waiting for ep 3 and 4 ..really sad that i still have to wait another 1 week ..I was really exiceted to watch ep 3 and 4 ..


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