Gong Yoo Shares The Heartbreaking Reason Why He’s Been Away Following “Goblin’s” Success


Many fans have been wondering why aren’t there any news of the beloved actor Gong Yoo following the success of “Goblin” in early 2017.

The actor is Elle’s magazine first issue of 2018, after the photoshoot, the actor sat down for an interview to talk about the real reason he’s been away from the spotlight.

He said,

“Aren’t there times when you’ve been busy and stressed for a long time that it all collapses once you’re done? Both mentally and physically, all the painful things hit me at once. After falling apart, holding on, and letting go, I think I finally returned to who I truly was, I also took time off for myself.”


Regarding his future projects the actor commented,

“I wanted to do a movie this year, but when I was ready for it, there were no offers at hand.”


The actor revealed his wishes to return with a new production with like-minded people to tell another story.

Take your time oppa! We’ll be here waiting for you when you’re ready!

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